Legging Glam..

IMG_1426I am a firm believer that fashion, beauty, and life in general should be fun; so eat that doughnut, wear a bold lip color and pull on some sequined leggings. (I’ll let you in on a little secret; confidence truly is the key to pulling off any look.) That being said, I bring you my third and last look in my t-shirt series. And if anyone tells you leggings can’t be glamorous, just show them these babies.

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Fall Whites

Happy Monday.

Whenever I make a purchase, I try and think “What are three outfits I can wear this with?” If I find myself struggling with the answer, I know it’s maybe not a smart buy.  This week I thought I’d show you three very different looks with my favorite fashion must have. All three looks are based around this three pack of t-shirts from Asos. I have owned many plain t-shirts in my life but none have given me the perfect combination of fit, opaqueness, and comfort like these.

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Saratoga Weekend Getaway..

hello all,

Before this weekend, I was a Saratoga newbie. My boyfriend on the other hand, has visited many time before, especially in the summer to visit the track on race days. The town is less than three hour ride from Westchester, New York and lined with gorgeous autumn trees.


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