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Legging Glam..

IMG_1426I am a firm believer that fashion, beauty, and life in general should be fun; so eat that doughnut, wear a bold lip color and pull on some sequined leggings. (I’ll let you in on a little secret; confidence truly is the key to pulling off any look.) That being said, I bring you my third and last look in my t-shirt series. And if anyone tells you leggings can’t be glamorous, just show them these babies.

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Fall Whites

Happy Monday.

Whenever I make a purchase, I try and think “What are three outfits I can wear this with?” If I find myself struggling with the answer, I know it’s maybe not a smart buy.  This week I thought I’d show you three very different looks with my favorite fashion must have. All three looks are based around this three pack of t-shirts from Asos. I have owned many plain t-shirts in my life but none have given me the perfect combination of fit, opaqueness, and comfort like these.

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