Red Vinyl

These pants immediately pulled me off the windy New York streets and straight into the store where I knew I needed to purchase them. I rushed home with my new purchase where we were quickly met with “But where will you wear them?” Everywhere, people. I will wear them everywhere.

Sweatshirt: HM / Pants: Topshop / Sneakers: HM / Earrings: Ebay / Pout: MAC Creme in Your Coffee

Today I paired these pants with the ultimate icons of casual; my sweatshirt and slip-on sneaks. I feel like this way of wearing the pants seems totally do-able for those who are more fashion-safe.  I would also totally style these pants with a cool graphic tee and a blazer for a bit more polished look. I found these earrings from an awesome vendor on Ebay (linked above) for $10, originally wanting to use them as part of a DIY project for some shoes. Then Coachella happened and I was really inspired by Hailey Balwin’s look (see here) where she paired a casual outfit with some killer statement earrings.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for stopping by!

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