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Now that we are officially in June, I like to think we’ve also officially hit summer. With summer comes barbeques, outdoor parties and for myself, vacation! Today I thought I’d share some packing tips to help you streamline everything you’ll need.


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At the end of the month, Bryan and I will be heading to California for ten days. We land in San Diego where we’ll stay for a few days before driving along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Fransico, stopping in Santa Barbara and Big Sur along the way. Neither of us have been to California before so it’s pretty exciting.

DSC_0318DSC_0297Whether you’re vacationing with your boyfriend, your family or your friends, these tips should help you pack for success:

  • Know Your Location. This may sound so simple but is totally necessary. You might be traveling somewhere with hot days that turn into equally cold nights. Knowing this will help remind you to pack a sweater.
  • Pack by Outfit. This method has helped limit my overpacking tremendously. I like to lay out my outfits and see where my wardrobe is overlapping. This especially comes in handy when packing shoes!
  • Make a List. I make a list for everything and packing is no exception. I like to run through my morning activities and then list the products I’ll need to carry them out. It’s so easy to forget the things you need to pack last minute, but a list helps to avoid that.

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  • Bring Garbage Bags. I like to bring garbage bags on my trip to store used and dirty clothing. If I have a shorter trip, I’ll wait till I get home to wash my clothes. Having a garbage bag to act as a hamper, helps keep clean clothes clean and the hotel room from looking like a mess.
  • Roll Don’t Fold. This will help you fit more in your luggage. I find it helps prevent wrinkles as well. If you are packing fragile items, I like to roll them into something soft to keep them safe.
  • Ziplocs are Your Friend. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination, opening your bag and finding shampoo spilled all over your clothing, or all your accessories are a tangled mess. By packing these items in Ziploc bags, you can easily remove any spills that may come from traveling.



I’d love to hear some of your packing tips!

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