Let me introduce myself, for those of you who don’t know.. I’m Nicole, and I LOVE birthdays! Now, that doesn’t just apply to my own, any day filled with sweets and celebration is a day for me.


Jacket | Dress (original sold out, similar here) | Heels | Sunnies | Pout


Every year I find myself repeating the same few stages almost preparing for the day. First, I go through my ‘it’s not such a big deal’ phase. But then as time rolls closer I move onto the ‘well birthdays do only come once a year.’ And finally when I wake up on the actual day, I reach my ‘heck yeah it’s my birthday’ phase.  This is the best because you realize what a blessing it is to have been given another year in this wonderful, crazy, and beautiful world. DSC_0474DSC_0586I believe that calories never count on birthdays, as they shouldn’t. I also believe that you pretty much get a free pass to do whatever you please (as long as it doesn’t hurt others) on your day. For me, that means overdressing, replaying my favorite song as many times as I like (Conceited by Remy Ma.. such a feel good song)  and eating your age in slices of ice cream cake.
DSC_0549 DSC_0533

This red dress was calling my name. I felt bold, beautiful and so fun as everyone should feel everyday! I love pairing super girlie pieces with tougher more masculine pieces like this leather jacket from Zara. Their website has so many different cuts and styles of really great quality faux leather.


My heels come in so many colors and the blocked heel makes them so comfortable to spend a whole day in. This round sunnies are not only very on trend this season, but are my new go to. Last but certainly not least, my pout is my favorite classic red lip, in MAC Red by MAC. DSC_0641


Thanks for reading!


xo Nicole

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  1. Yo yer posts are really good. Well written and cute. I’m able to afford slick threads for my gf and I attribute that skill to your blog. Keep it goin and thanks

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