“Turn Up the Lights in Here, Baby..”

hello hello.

Today I’m talking about galleries in New York City. Specifically the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea. And if you ask me, its definitely something New Yorkers don’t take enough advantage of. Exhibits change every few months or so, and most of them are –get ready for itfree! Yes, you heard right, free.

 IMG_0809   IMG_0817

This time, I went to see “Corners, Barriers and Corridors” by Dan Flavin. This exhibit was a collection of colored fluorescent lights in different positions. I brought my boyfriend along for the ride, who kept asking “What does this one mean?” (thinking my art history degree gives me the know all), but we found it just as fun to walk around and guess.

 IMG_0810 IMG_0801

Have you been to any must-see exhibits? Comment below.

XO Nicole

One thought on ““Turn Up the Lights in Here, Baby..””

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